15% przepisów UE uchwalanych jest jawnie

Obecnie 85 proc. całego prawa UE uchwalają urzędnicy służby cywilnej z państw członkowskich i KE pracujący niejawnie w 300 grupach podlegających Radzie Ministrów w Brukseli. Przepisy są sporządzane przez 3 tys. innych tajnych grup roboczych przy Komisji. Jedynie 15 proc. przepisów UE jest uchwalanych na posiedzeniach Rady Ministrów, w których osobiście mogą brać udział ministrowie. Wybrani przedstawiciele z parlamentów krajowych lub Parlamentu Europejskiego również nie są dopuszczeni do udziału w tych posiedzeniach.

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  1. Joseph pisze:

    that perhaps there was no quostien to which bringing that up would not be a clumsy stretch and therefore inappropriateNow now, has not Mrs Palin demonstrated you do not have to answer the actual quostiens put to you in a debate? Mr Hanson’s objection or meet it so I’m unclear what your #1 point isSorry I don’t follow this? Whose Mr. Hanson?There are certainly a large number of matters on which he disagrees with Mr Obama which didn’t come up.If McCain believes the rhetoric of his own campaign this is a very important one. I see … if you’re a left leaning journalist, a wink means upskirt photos are now “journalistically allowed”. I didn’t see any upskirt photos on the blog you linked too. The photos were of the front line crowd at a rally. You could see a woman’s legs from the knees down because she was standing between the photographer crowd. Could someone have made up a dirty joke based on the kid’s expression and the direction of he was looking (up, presumably at Palin’s or Cindy McCain’s face)? Sure but that doesn’t make the pic itself indecent. Anyway, isn’t a wire service a provider of raw photos and reports? The idea is that newspaper editors use the service to fill out their paper with material they choose from the material they want? There’s no shortage of material like this out there. Push the media bias’ button when something more substantial happens .like maybe a major newspaper putting that pic on their cover page.

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